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Invisible Earpiece 3G GSM HD Camera
Hurry! There are only 9901 more kits still available & on stock.
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What is it?
The Invisible HD Camera is the next step in Spy communication equipment. In addition to covert undetectable voice communication you can now communicate visually as well! You can now take high-quality pictures and send them to your colleagues on their mobile phones or their E-Mail address.

The high quality pictures taken with the small concealable camera lets your colleagues see exactly what you see, with crisp clear picture thanks to the auto-focusing high-definition camera that allows extreme close-ups to be taken.

With Built-in 3G/UMTS Mobile Internet and Mobile Phone you do not require an additional mobile phone to function. You can call your friends or let them call you. The latest in 3G/UMTS technology gives the best Call-quality and makes sure pictures are delivered fast.

The Built-in MP3 Player provides you the ability to transfer your recorded transcripts and other audio materials to the device and play them back when you need them. With full Play/Pause support, Rewinding/Fast-Forwarding and skipping support navigation through the audio files has never been easier.

With the innovative easy-to-use user interface sending a picture, making a call or answering an incoming call or Playing back MP3's is as easy as pressing a button.

Due to our quest for a near-perfect user-experience you are guided through each of the functions by a user-friendly voice that you hear in your earpiece. Our Voice-Guide will allow you to relax and focus on the task at hand without worrying about how to operate the device.

Do not hesitate and Order the Invisible Spy Earpiece 3G Camera now!
Key Features
Full-HD Auto-Focusing Camera
- High-Quality pictures with Auto-Focusing Full-HD 1920x1080 resolution camera
- Small & Invisible Camera

Real-Life Examples:

Built-in World-Wide 3G/UMTS Mobile Internet & Mobile Phone
- No Mobile Phone Required
- State-of-the-art technology with 3G/UMTS support for crisp calls and fast picture delivery
- Works World-Wide across all operators
- Send pictures instantly to friends via E-Mails or to their Mobile Phone
- Talk to friends by calling them or receive calls from them
Built-in MP3 Player with 8GB of Storage
- Playback MP3's with full Play/Pause/Stop, Rewind/Fast-Forward and fast Skip support
- Built-in 8GB of storage
- Easily Transfer your MP3's via USB Cable
Built-in Very Sensitive & High Fidelity Microphone
- Sensitive Microphone to pick-up even the faintest of whispers
- Very Small & Invisible
Innovative Easy-to-Use User Interface
- Innovative Voice-Guide
- Never panic about how to use the device even under stress. The Voice-Guided interface will talk you through the device operation so you can relax and focus on the task at hand.
Simple Connection to Computer via USB
- Quickly and Easily transfer files from your computer to the device
- Supports Windows, Mac and Linux
Built-in Rechargeable Battery
- High-Capacity built-in battery for long periods of usage
- Easily charge through the standard micro-USB interface
- Can be charged through a computer or a dedicated charger
What is Included?
  • 1x Invisible Spy Earpiece 3G Camera
  • 1x Full-HD Camera with High-Fidelity Microphone
  • 1x Pair of Invisible Earpieces
  • 1x Pair of Premium Invisible Earpieces
  • 1x Neck-loop
  • 2x Navigation buttons
  • 3x Velcro Straps for easy attachment
  • 1x Micro-USB Cable for Charging & Data Transfer
  • 1x Micro-SIM to SIM adapter
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 1x Instructional & Software CD
* The Invisible Spy Earpiece Camera is expected to begin shipping in November 2013.
* The expected price is €699 with fast DHL or UPS shipping (shipping & VAT included in price)
* Once the preorder is submitted you will receive an E-Mail with a confirmation code and details about the Invisible Spy Earpiece Camera order.
* You will not be charged for the product until the day it ships. You can cancel your order at any time. More information can be found in the Preorder E-Mail.
* More information is available in the Preorder E-Mail.