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SPY Microphone FM Radio Surveillance Transmitter Bug

VHF Radio Surveillance Spy Transmitter Bug


The VHF007 transmitter is an easy to use highly sensitive professional wireless acoustical transmitter bug. The 007 is manufactured from Europe surface mount components for extremely high power from an extremely small package. The 0VHF07 has an ADJUSTABLE OPERATING FREQUENCY which covers the entire FM broadcast band as well as above and below for optional private scanner listening. It is engineered with TRUE 5 stage technology consisting of an amplifier, Active Mosfet Amplified Motorola military spec subminiature microphone, an audio amp to pick up the slightest whisper, an RF oscillator and modulation stage to generate the signal and a final tuned Class "C" selective RF amplifier which allows this unit to pack more punch than any other! The VHF007 has an effective range of approximately 1000 meters! (over 500 feet)  Professionally manufactured and retail packaged, THIS DEVICE IS NOT A KIT! Fully assembled and ready to go. The VHF007 is simply the SMALLEST and BEST wireless FM acoustical transmitter microphone bug available! Period! This unit is intended to demonstrate the principals of wireless communication; it is not intended for illegal use. Proper use of this device is the sole responsibility of the end user. Comes ready to use right out of the package! Plug-and-Play, just snap on a battery and tune it in! No assembly required.

Professional Spy Transmitter in use:


  • Up to 0.5 mile range                                                                                                        Completely assembled and ready to use
  • Adjustable tuning                                                                                                             VHF 007 FM transmitter
  • Mil-Spec stranded, Teflon jacketed antenna
  • SMT components for stable and ultra-reliable operation                                         Illustrated instruction booklet in English
  • High RF power output >300mW
  • Tunable from 100-160 MHz                                                                                           Sealed and retail packaged
    Above and below band private monitoring capable
  • Receive on any standard FM radio or scanner
  • Ultra small compact stealth size
  • Superior audio clarity and sensitivity, astonishing performance
  • Hear even a whisper in a quiet room
  • Dual sided PCB construction
  • operates from 9 to 12 volts DC or standard 9v battery
  • Can last up to 5 days on single 9V battery*
  • TRUE 5 Stage design
  • Active Mosfet Amplified Microphone 200m2

  • Where to use it ?
Do you suspect your spouse is cheating? Do you think your child getting may be hanging with the "wrong" crowd or getting into drugs? Are you concerned with theft or subversion at your place of business? Do you think one of your friends or co-workers may be talking behind your back? You can take control of the situation. You can gather the evidence. You can make the decision to find out the truth. Your personal affairs are too important. Don't take the risk of missing any valuable information that pertains to them. Stay informed, stay in control.

Invisible Earpiece 3G GSM HD Camera
Invisible Earpiece 3G GSM HD Camera
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SPY Microphone FM Radio Surveillance Transmitter Bug
SPY Microphone FM Radio Surveillance Transmitter Bug

VHF Radio Surveillance Spy Transmitter Bug
VHF Radio Surveillance Spy Transmitter Bug

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