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Invisible Amplified Premium Earpiece (without module!)Invisible Earpiece 3G GSM HD Camera

Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece with signal button








Complete 2-Way Covert Cellular Communication Has Never Been This Easy Or Affordable

  • altCompletely Invisible Magnetic Vibration Receiver Fits In Your Ear Undetected
  • alt2-Way Voice Communication Via Any Bluetooth Phone or 2-Way Radio
  • altCovert Communication With Silent SOS Button
  • altPassive Earpiece Receiver Powered By Magnetism
  • altSensitive Microphone
  • altSmallest Wireless Headset In The World
  • alt

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Originally Designed For Secret Service, A Headset Finally Available To The Public

The Micro Bluebooth Spy Earpiece fits deep within your ear and is so tiny, no one will be able to detect it. But don't worry, it can easily be removed with one of the included super strong magnets. Once the Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece is in your ear, like a spy earpiece it will directly sync with any bluetooth cell phone letting the person on the other line hear exactly what's going on where you are, and giving them the ability to speak directly into your ear, without anyone in the room hearing it. 





Both Parties Can Hear, Speak, & Send Secret Messages Using This Bluetooth Spy Phone

This is audio surveillance taken to the next level. Associates can give you information, directions, or just listen in on your conversation with your approval to ensure safety, without alerting anyone that you're wired. You can even silently communicate with associates using the attached SIGNAL silent beeper button, perfect for situations when you can't talk. This spy bluetooth technology, previously only available to spies and law enforcement agencies is now available to the general public for all your covert audio surveillance operations on-the-go.




Covert SOS Button Lets You Communicate Without Words Worldwide Through Any Bluetooth Cell Phone

The Invisible Bluetooth Spy Earpiece comes with a neck loop transmitter, microphone, and covert SOS button. The button is attached to a long wire that you can run down a pant leg and put the button underneath your toe or hide it in your pocket. Upon pressing the beeper button, a beep tone is sent to your associates over the phone, no matter where they are in the world. Use the covert SOS button to signal one click for yes, two clicks for no, or get more advanced with full fledged SOS beep communication, without anyone knowing what you're doing.

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Use The Silent Beeper - Tap Once for "Yes," Twice For "No" To Communicate Covertly




15 meters Bluetooth Range
The invisible bluetooth earpiece needs to be within 10 to 15 meters of the bluetooth phone, but the person listening in on your audio can be located anywhere in the world. All they have to do is call into your cell phone and they will be able to hear exactly what's happening and speak directly into your ear through a micro spy earpiece. Please note Bluetooth one device can be little different size like on the picture.


1. Two SPY Invisible earpieces


2. Neck Loop


3. Professional Bluetooth Module with beep and filters electronics inside!


4. Special SOS Beep Button for finger or Foot


5. High Gain mini microphone


6. Charger


7. Power for 9V battery


8. Specila clip for Signal button




Magnetic Spy Earpiece Requires No Battery- Audio Sent Via Passive Vibration Principle
The actual Invisible Micro Earbud is a strong passive magnet, receiving the audio signal via vibration from the neck loop it does not require battery. The micro earpiece is a vibration principle and has no opened sound cavity.


Microphone Picks Up Even The Faintest Audio
The microphone can also be hidden under your clothes, where it can pick up even the faintest of sounds.





Uses For The Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece:

  • altBoard Meetings
  • altUndercover Law Enforcement Agents
  • altJournalists on Assignment
  • altFirst Dates
  • altActors and Actresses Can Be Fed Lines
  • altUse While Gambling
  • altDuring Poker Games
  • altFor Tests Or School Assignments
  • altIllegal Activities


  • altSizes Of Magnetic Earpiece Included (extra small 4x4mm)
  • altMusic Suitable Audio Quality
  • altComfortable Fit
  • alt2 Way Communication Via Phone or 2-Way Radio
  • alt15 metters Bluetooth Range
  • altSensitive Microphone
  • altNeck Loop Transmitter
  • altCovert Silent SOS Button
  • altRemove the earpiece using the super strong magnets included with kit
  • altLine Input

Headset Specifications:

  • altCovert Earpiece doesn't need a battery
  • alt9V battery To Power Bluetoot Board and Mic
  • alt5 hours of continuous operation
  • altPower: 6.5 - 20V
  • altLine Input - Differential line-in pins (±7V max) are available on stereo 3.5mm connector
  • altBluetooth v2.0 class 2 compatible
  • altSilent Button sends beep tone via cell phone for voiceless communication
  • altHeadset includes: call answer, call end, voice dialing, last number dialed capabilities
  • spy-earpiece-in-the-package


    In the package:

    2x SPY Earpiece for left and right ear in black colore.

    1x BlueTooth Module with neck Loop.

    1x Spy Signal button.

    1x Mini 3x3mm very High Sensitive Microphone connected on Bluetooth module box.

    1x UK or Europe, USA 110/240V

    charger for BlueTooth

    1X Manual for use & 1 year warranty                     

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Invisible Earpiece 3G GSM HD Camera
Invisible Earpiece 3G GSM HD Camera
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Invisible Spy Earpiece with MP3 player
Invisible Spy Earpiece with MP3 player

Invisible Spy Earpiece for Mp3...
Invisible Spy Earpiece for Mp3...

Student buba za polaganje ispita Za GSM Bluetooth Bezicna bubica
Student buba za polaganje ispita Za GSM Bluetooth Bezicna bubica