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SPY BLUETOOTH GSM EARPIECESpy Earpiece (Just earpieces without module!)

Spy Earpiece








What is a spy earpiece?


This is a professional ready-to-go wireless spy earpiece kit that allows you to communicate in the most discreet way ever. It comes with the Two smallest earpiece available in the world, which wirelessly connects to a hidden Bluetooth microphone under your shirt or suit, so it can be connected to any Bluetooth mobile phone or other device! This is a very high gain microphone and someone who is on the other side of the gsm line can hear your voice or your whisper and all of the sounds surrounding you. With two mini ear receivers you can hear your partner from the other side of the gsm line, and by using a special hands free kit you can talk to them as well. Nobody will ever notice that you have an ear piece even by looking directly at your ear from a close distance. Nobody can ever hear any sound produced by the ear piece from the outside. You can also secretly listen to your Mp3 player ( Music, recordings, radio... ) as the device has a 3.5mm jack connector. This is a professional device made in EUROPE it is new model 2015! This device is very safe for use.

Also you wont believe this but you can also use both the mp3 input and listen/talk to your friend across gsm mobile at the same time. Amazing isnt it!! 

What is that for?




     alt IN COURT


The earpiece doesn't need a battery !! You only need a 9V Battery for the BT transmitter in your pocket. Put the earphone deep in your ear, it comes out very easily so don't worry. These earphones are magnetic and when you want to take it out of your ear you simply place something metallic near the ear piece and it will come out on its own. One 9V battery will power the device for 10-15 hours.


   altSmallest Wireless Headset In The World!

   alt100% Invisible in your ears!

   altJust 5x5 mm size!






You can also discretely listen to your Mp3 player

MP3 set is to be used with an MP3 or flash devices. It has a 3.5 mm jack which makes it compatible with mp3 players, portable cd players and dictaphones

You can record all necessary information prior to the event and then secretly listen to it You dont need anybodys help while using MWE MP3 (in comparison to MWE and MWE Bluetooth where you communicate with your partner over a cell phone) In some situations cell phones are not allowed, though there are no restrictions regarding flash players

  • alt Speech. You can prepare your speech, record it and then listen to it while talking.
  • alt Exam. You can record your lectures or any other information you may need at your exam.
  • alt Music. In any situation where you want to secretly listen to the music you can do it with ourdevice.
  • alt Radio. If for some reasons you need to secretly listen to the radio our device will allow to do it, too.

How It's look in Ear




In the package:

alt2x SPY Earpiece for left and right ear in black colore.

alt1x BlueTooth Module with neck Loop and 3.5mm stereo input connector.

alt1x Mini 3x3mm very High Sensitive Microphone connected on Bluetooth module box.

altUK or Europe, USA 110/240V Charger for Bluetooth module.


alt 1X Manual for use & 1 year warranty                     


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Spy Earpiece (Just earpieces without module!)
Spy Earpiece (Just earpieces without module!)

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Invisible Spy Earpiece for Mp3...

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